Navigating Education

“When too much information becomes JUST information… We’re here to help!”

First of its kind in Colorado, NAVIGATING EDUCATION was designed with the success of families and children in mind. Providing parents with practical and applicable insights, assessments, and consultation, our services are designed to yield results for use in any school setting.

With over 30 years of current and relevant teaching experience, we utilize strong skill sets and extensive teaching knowledge to meet the needs of a wide and diverse population.

Simply put… things are approached differently here at NAVIGATING EDUCATION as we are all about problem solving, results and setting children on the path to success.


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Veteran Educators

Extensive Knowledge

We Are Here for You

Truly Helping Families

Also Parents


Advising on the most ideal course of action is what makes NAVIGATING EDUCATION the best solution for you.
We have seasoned educators with more than 30 years of classroom teaching experience.
Our diagnosticians possess a strong knowledge-base:

  • Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership and Equity
  • Dual bachelors degree in both general and special education
  • Masters of Arts in Educational Psychology, Assessment emphasis
  • Doctoral Candidate at UC Denver, for Research, Evaluation and Measurement
  • Certified in CO, with endorsements in General Education, Gifted, Special Education, and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education
  • Over 15 years in Title 1 schools
  • Experience at all grade levels K-12, wide range of abilities, and language proficiency

By providing a safe and welcoming environment, families can ask any question and trust that they are getting an accurate thorough answer. We are always acting in your best interest.
As mothers, we understand the importance of a child’s overall well being, and will help you navigate your child’s education.

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