School Based Services in Denver, CO

Working in partnership with your school to support continuing efforts for the general education, special education, and culturally and linguistically diverse academic settings. With over 9 years of dedicated experience in Title 1 schools, Dara Marin Prais is knowledgeable of both the inherent challenges and rewards of working with such diverse populations.

Evaluation and Testing Services for Schools from NAVIGATING EDUCATION


As a highly qualified, certified, and veteran educator in Colorado, with a Master’s of Arts degree in Educational Psychology, Assessment emphasis, Dara is certified to administer Achievement, Behavioral, and specific Ability assessments to students in grades K-12. With her CLD endorsement and 10+ years of classroom experience with culturally and linguistically diverse students, Dara uses her expertise to accurately evaluate and assess individual students needs.


  • Allows special education teachers “to do what they do best” in maximizing the time they have for instruction and progress monitoring, by alleviating some of the testing demands from special education teachers
  • Support schools with more challenging cases by partnering as an IEE, in advance of the need
  • Helps to alleviate the end-of-year assessment/testing scramble
  • Evaluative reports written with applicable and appropriate recommendations, and an overall understanding of site strengths and limitations


School districts have large data analysis teams required to evaluate and interpret the substantial data sets from their district as a whole. Charter and private schools may not have a need for dedicated data analysis teams, but can undeniably benefit from the knowledge and expertise available through quantitative or qualitative analysis and/or research.

Data Analytics Services for local schools from NAVIGATING EDUCATION
  • Quantitative Analysis

    … can be conducted on large data sets from standardized assessments or small grade-level team data. Such analysis can identify differences between and/or relationships among demographics, and is helpful in better understanding achievement gaps, if present. At times this requires specialized statistical analysis software beyond Excel, and knowledge of how to conduct the analysis and interpret the results. Let NAVIGATING EDUCATION provide the expertise in this area.

  • Qualitative Analysis

    … enables schools and/or administrators to better understand the implementation fidelity of school specific innovations or programs. Strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement or professional development, as it pertains to specific innovations or programs, can be identified and is invaluable knowledge for a school’s continued growth, improvement, and efficacy.

  • Deliverables:

    • Planning meeting with all necessary school personnel
    • Meeting with stakeholders (if necessary)
    • Established plan of analysis, and related timeline
    • Results/Report with explanatory meeting
    • Adherence to FERPA
    • Confidentiality of school specific and/or proprietary information
Partnership opportunities at NAVIGATING EDUCATION


… offers both Fixed and Retainer structures to allow financial flexibility to best meet each school’s needs.

Fixed rates consist of incidental or isolated services, while Retainer rates consist of ongoing services, which extend beyond a single week. Priority scheduling is available for schools that schedule prior to September 1st of each year.


  • Dependable services already scheduled
  • Allows school personnel to plan ahead
  • Enables us to develop a collaborative relationship