Faithe G.
Marketing Director

When our daughter was having sensory and transitional issues, Dara was extremely helpful in educating us on the best ways to set up an environment for success. Her knowledge and experience not only gave us insight for success for our daughter, but also success and guidance for parents.

Richard S.

Dara shows trust and a true collaborative spirit working with all of the members of our special education team and other classroom teachers. Her background in both special education and classroom instruction is a true asset and allows Dara to differentiate and scaffold instruction for students in innovative ways!

Nan E.
Director of Instructional Support Services

Dara demonstrates excellent problem-solving abilities and consistently supports the creation and development of many instructional materials, always functioning as a team player. Dara’s oral and written communication skills are excellent and her IEP reporting and interpretation of assessment data is thorough, clear and always connected to impact on learning in the classroom. Dara actively collaborates with other staff to implement complex daily schedules for general education and special education students.
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Carolyn S.
Medical Professional

With Dara’s support and guidance, we were able to identify our daughters specific academic needs and understand how the school support system works. Dara helped us understand what we could expect from the school, how to ask for what we needed, and how the entire process worked. She even identified accommodations that were easy to…

Thomas N.
Motivational Speaker

I truly appreciate that Dara spent the time to really understand our family, our concerns, and each of our twin boys individually, especially since they are going into high school next year. We went in to meeting Dara expecting all of this extensive testing, and she responded with a much simpler route to ultimately achieve…

Helen B.

It was the assessments! We just had no idea of what to do, where to go and how to get my twins the school help they needed. A family member told us about NAVIGATING EDUCATION and Dara having so much experience with children with disabilities and they were right. She just stepped in and helped…

Heather Burjes

English is not our native language, which make things harder. Dara overlooked that problem and came to assist the family with the right assessments. She is warm in her personality and very skilled with how to find out exactly what problems keep my son from learning in school. We have thanks for both his teacher…

Diana J.

All I can say is “just call Dara at NAVIGATING EDUCATION.” Seriously, just call her. You will be amazed. She just makes everything easy for you to understand and the education stuff can feel just like running around in a maze. I asked so many questions and each time, Dara answered each question and I…

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