At NAVIGATING EDUCATION, both parents and children are my priorities. Since inception, I committed to become an integral part in supporting children (and their family) in identifying learning challenges and limitations.

I continually seek options to bring about the kinds of support and insights that will have the greatest impact on a child’s success.


General Education

  • PLC Facilitation
  • Adaptive Schools
  • Learning Headquarters – Writing
  • Curriculum Development: Workshop Model
  • Guided/Shared Reading Coaching
  • Constructivist Math (Investigations)
  • Spalding: Writing Road to Reading 1
  • Kids Consortium: Service Learning

Special Education

  • Traumatic Brain Injury Protocol
  • Executive Function Skills
  • Supporting Students with Autism, Lesley Univ.
  • Transition Plans for Special Education Students
  • Writing IEP’s for Students with Autism, Lesley Univ.
  • Assistive Technology for IEPs, Lesley University

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse

  • Beyond Diversity & Equity
    Mindfulness in Schools
  • Responsive Classroom
  • ELD Instruction
  • ELL SEI Training: The SIOP Model (Category 1 & 2)
  • Keys to Literacy


NAVIGATING EDUCATION is more than a testing or assessment business. I want you to consider me as your partner for your child’s success, helping you and your child understand the challenges and limitations related to a student’s learning.

I answer questions, provide suggestions, offer guidance and support.

By working with families and schools, together we develop the most effective and practical course of action for the success of both the child and the family.

Dara Marin Prais

Educational Diagnostician / Teacher / Parent
Dara Marin Prais Founder of NAVIGATING EDUCATION

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As a Colorado native I truly appreciate all the amazing things this great state has to offer. I especially enjoy the gorgeous weather, exploring the mountains, hiking, snowshoeing, picnicking, and skiing. As a wife and mother, I especially love taking it all in with my family by my side.

— Dara Marin Prais


Extensive Knowledge

Dual degree, actively licensed in both Special and General Education

Seasoned Teaching Experience

10+ years teaching experience, Title 1 schools with culturally and linguistically diverse populations

Desire to Help Families

Understanding the importance of a child’s overall wellbeing, coupled with the desire to do what is best for every family

Honesty with Best Intention

Promise to deliver straight to the point, honest insight, and feedback

I AM...

An Educational Diagnostician

A Seasoned Teacher

A Parent


A Psychologist

A Psychiatrist

A Social Worker

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