The Assessment Season is Upon Us!

Different Types of Assessments While assessments and their subsequent results are an invaluable tool for teachers and integral to a child’s continued academic success, not all types of assessments hold the same value. The four types of assessments most common within education are formative assessments, summative assessments, criterion referenced assessments, and norm-referenced assessments. Formative Assessments…


What is RTI?

Response to Intervention, or RTI, is an approach used throughout the country to meet the ever-changing academic needs of children/students. RTI consists of three tiers, or levels of academic support, which help teachers and schools better identify, target, and support, both students and their individual skill deficits. The RTI approach or process can vary greatly from school to school, district to district. Therefore, the information below describes the tiers as they are generally understood within the educational/academic community.